the goddess 1


This is the beginning of the magical journey to reconnect you to the goddess within. In this all-female workshop, we explore the mysteries and majesty of our anatomy, sexuality and arousal. We heal our deepest wounds while strengthening the bonds of our powerful community of women.


the multi-orgasmic lover

a new perspective

Dive deeper into your spiritual and sexual connection. In this male-only workshop, we learn how to honor the feminine, explore what tantric sex is all about, explain how to live a more conscious sexual life, and acquire the necessary tools to guide you on your path to mind-blowing tantric lovemaking.


the goddess 2


An intimate all-female workshop for the goddess that is ready to further her tantric work and learn to embody the goddess within. It is a more in-depth experience focused on movement, tantric practices, and womb health. This workshop is recommended for those that have completed The Goddess 1 workshop.


tantric couples


This couples-only workshop explores the delicate balance of a conscious relationship. Learn the necessary tools and techniques to deepen intimacy, improve communication, emotional expression and shared vision - which set the foundation for electric, mind-blowing tantric sex. Pre-requisites for this workshop: The Goddess 1 (for women), The multi-orgasmic lover (for men).

coming soon

private healing sessions

The foundation of all our work is healing. In order to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others we must all heal our own personal wounds and traumas. We have developed our own healing method, called Bridging™, which dives deep into the subconscious to release trapped traumas and move them into consciousness. It’s a powerful transformative process that perfectly blends science and spirituality.


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