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A natal chart is the “window” into any individual or event. It a snapshot of the sky - how the Sun, stars and the planets were arranged at the time of your birth. You will need your exact birth time, place of birth and date.

If you don't have your exact birth time, this will definitely affect the birth chart and may render some inaccurate results. Usually the time of birth is printed on your birth certificate. Oh yes, your favorite thing to do…find the birth certificate. Can you believe people have been doing birth charts since 30,000 B.C.? Jump on the bandwagon!


Is it a coincidence that I keep seeing the number 11:11? Do I seek it or is it somebody seeking me?

- Krishna


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Cafe Astrology

This is a no-frills site that gets right to the point. Put in your information and get the reading for your natal chart. If you want to go into further detail, they offer a variety of other readings as well.

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