Our private healing sessions are the fastest, most effective way of dealing with trauma, core wounds or emotional blocks.


a better way 

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your life, action is required to changed the behavioral patterns that led you there. You must establish new neural pathways by facing your emotional blocks, core wounds and traumas, and changing the way you think, feel, and act.

Change can be extremely difficult, we know. Overwriting hardwired programs takes effort and awareness. Luckily your brain has the ability to reprogram itself and Bridging™ is the most effective process we have seen for breaking old patterns and consciously building new ones.


bridging™ benefits


When trapped emotional trauma is released, the body gets closer to a natural state of homeostasis, or balance. This allows the body’s natural healing energies to work at full capacity, ridding itself of any unwanted disease or negative condition. Some benefits include:



  • Freedom from sexual & physical abuse trauma

  • Resolved relationship issues

  • Feeling balanced & clear

  • More stable moods

  • Staying leveled when triggering



  • Enhanced Spiritual Connection

  • Expanded consciousness

  • Clearing Karmic ties

  • Feeling loved & connected

  • Increased intuition



  • Healing chronic illness

  • Relief from anxiety

  • Stress reduction

  • Depression lifted

  • Increased energy levels



  • Clear insight into self

  • Increased self-worth

  • Establishing new habits & behaviors

  • Reprogramming unhealthy mental patterns


how we heal

Our unique method, called Bridging™, connects subconscious emotional and physical trauma with the conscious mind. Once this connection is made, the stored trauma is processed through the body, released, and new neural pathways are created that rewire your brain.


how the brain works


The ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.

Our brains are like supercomputers. We program them through our behaviors, experiences, actions, and emotions. Repetition often becomes hardwired into your brain. For example, driving a car. Do this enough times and your body learns this behavior subconsciously, so you go on autopilot every time you drive. We do the same with painful and traumatic emotions, or even better, grateful and joyous emotions. So how do we choose what pathways are programmed?



During Bridging™, we trigger the reptilian brain through a series of techniques that bring the body back into it’s deepest traumas while providing a safe and relaxing space to open up and fully feel the experience. Similar to a shamanic experience, we guide you through the pain while moving it through your body to the most powerful part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex (the thinking/logic/awareness part of the brain). This creates new neural pathways that allow for ongoing healing and catharsis.

Bridging™ is a combination of holistic healing techniques similar to Reiki, light work, sound clearing, chakra clearing, spiritual guidance, built upon a scientific background of psychotherapy exercises and guidance. It is a perfect blend of science and spirituality.


what happens in a session?

Sessions typically last 2 1/2 - 3 hours. This is very deep work and your body can only take so much at a time. We have found that the body naturally begins to signal that it’s ready to process what it’s learned and moves back into resting state.

Through a series of sessions, a person can release all of their stored/subconscious emotional body trauma. The amount of sessions varies depending on the amount of trauma a person has and how willing they are to let it go. Many of our clients have experienced amazing transformation in one session.

Imagine being as open, curious, and free as a child but with the knowledge and experience of an adult. We transmute the emotional pain into wisdom, allowing a person to sink deeper into the experience of life.

Our clients say they feel lighter and freer after their first session - energized with an electric feeling flowing through their body. Moving forward, they become conscious of their patterns and we guide them through integrating this newfound awareness into their lives.



Integration is an important element in all healing. Every Bridging™ session includes a follow-up ~45 minute video chat and ongoing email support. We guide our clients as they process the emotions they released, encounter opportunities to change their habits, and build the new conscious life they want.


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If you are ready to reclaim control over your own life and move past those things that are holding you back, we are ready to help you. No more suffering. Seriously. You really can drop the baggage and learn to be happy and healthy. Are you ready?


Where: Hollywood, CA - *For privacy, exact location will be provided after checkout.

Cost: $500

Details: 3 Hour Session, ~45 Min Followup Video Call, Ongoing Email Support.

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 “Most of your experiences come from your interaction with your external environment. Since your senses plug you in to the external environment and neurologically record the narrative in your brain, when you experience a highly charged emotional event, bad or good, that moment becomes embossed neurologically in your brain as a memory. Therefore when an experience changes how you normally feel chemically and heightens your attention to what caused it, you will associate a specific person or thing with where your body is at a particular time and place, that’s how you create memories by interacting with the outer world. It’s safe to say that the only place the past actually exists is in your brain and in your body. “

- Dr. Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural


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