first, what is a guru?



  1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) a spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation.

    synonyms: spiritual teacher, teacher, guide, tutor, sage, counselor, mentor, guiding light, spiritual leader, leader, master.

  2. (Merriam-Webster) a teacher and intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern.

  3. (in Sanskrit) guru is derived from the root word gu, meaning “darkness,” and ru, “that which dispels.” Hence, a guru is a dispeller of darkness.


our definition

a guide, leading seekers on their inward journey toward self-realization and love.


meet the gurus

We met on a dating app in LA. That’s right, it’s possible! Even in Los Angeles. Since then, our love has flourished and grown exponentially. We explore new (and old) ways to keep the relationship healthy - open communication, spirituality and sacred sexuality for example. We practice what we preach. Everything we suggest, we have tried ourselves.


aila rose

As a screenwriter and actor, Aila is devoted to the study of humanity, diving deep into the psyches of different characters and seeing the world from their point of view. This led her to a more spiritual path into her own self-discovery. Devouring book after book from psychology to philosophy, science to religion and prophets to poets, she is on a journey of self-mastery and transformation.


jonathan david

No stranger to adversity, Jonathan has a wealth of life experience - two divorces, raising stepchildren, his own son, and almost losing his life to addiction. He deeply understands starting over, building from the ground up, and creating a rock-solid foundation. Now, living a sober life, he uses his wisdom and experience to help others find their own path to a happy and healthy life.


our approach vs traditional therapy

  • We blend spirituality, recovery experience, therapy exercises, ancient esoteric wisdom & our own personal experience to create our unique, holistic method of healing. 

  • Our balance of male & female perspective allows us to see both sides of any situation and approach it holistically. 

  • We are much more active throughout the healing process.  We encourage, offer advice, listen, suggest techniques, create plans, etc.

  • We offer ongoing support, which is crucial during times of distress.  Timely response addresses the emotions as they are happening, giving you the tools to heal in real time.

  • NOTE: We do not discourage the use of therapy by any means.  We think it is a wonderful tool & appropriate for many people.


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who we aren’t

We are not claiming to be Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad or any other religious figure. We are, however, showing you another way toward consciousness.


who we are


we are a little spiritual

Being highly empathic individuals, we use our intuition and call upon energies beyond the scope of science and medicine. We tune in and call upon the metaphysical to help and guide us through the healing process.

we are a little scientific

We use exercises, rooted in psychotherapy and based on years of research, that have been proven to work. As a couple, we have a vault of real world experience using the techniques that have really transformed our relationship.


we can help guide support


We’re all in different places in life. Wherever you are in your journey, we offer something to help you along your way. If you need something specific or that we don’t offer, please contact us and we will help you.


Healing Benefits of Our Programs


Healing your past

  • Break free from past wounds & traumas

  • Move from fear to love

  • Learn to take accountability

  • Shadow work

  • Overcome fears

  • Integrate past & present self

  • Break unconscious patterns

Building positive relationships

  • Love yourself

  • Learn to communicate your needs

  • Live a more conscious life

  • Reduce stress

  • Have stronger relationships

  • Build intimacy

  • Improve your sex life


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Learn about our purpose & our contribution to a better world.

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