our thoughts on online tests

We say, why not? It’s fun to get to know more about yourself, see if you’re compatible with someone, or get super woo woo with astrological and numerical tests. At the end of the day, it’s all taken with a grain of salt. So indulge yourself. Kick back and take some tests. It’ll be fun.


The 5 Love Languages
Discover your love language. This is an invaluable tool for getting to know your/partners language of love. This is a very eye-opening test that helps your partner understand how to best show you they love you. We also recommend the book. It’s good stuff.

Find Out Your Love Language >


Myers-Briggs Personality Test
The Myers-Briggs personality test has become the standard for personality testing. While it doesn’t completely define who you are, per se, it can give you a really nice description of your general characteristics. Sometimes it helps to hear things from a place other than inside your head. The test at 16 Personalities is nice and simple. And they even give a great breakdown of each archetype.

Find Out Your Personality Type >

Truity Online Tests
This well-designed website has lots of cool tests that show you things like personality type, ideal career, and your ideal partner’s personality type. They have a great blog with more in-depth articles about personality. They also offer paid versions of the tests that give you a more detailed breakdown.

Check out Truity >


Jung Marriage Test
The test at 16 Personalities is nice and simple. And they even give a great breakdown of each archetype.

Take the Jung Marriage Test >


Birth Chart Calculator
They aren’t the prettiest sites out there, but they get the job done. You’ll need your exact time of birth to get the most accurate results so get out your birth certificate.

Cafe Astrology Birth Chart >

Astrolabe Birth Chart >


Numerology Calculator
You can learn your birth path number, name number, and the meaning of numbers and master numbers.

Cafe Astrology Number Calculator >


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