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Healing our sexuality is an integral part of becoming whole. Sex is the essence of creation and a sacred vehicle for spiritual awakening. It is a beautiful connection to the physical world, awakens our senses and reveals a deeper side of our existence.

Sadly, society and many religions have shamed it for being dirty and an obstacle for enlightenment. It’s time to rise above these methods of fear, manipulation and control. It’s time to heal, liberate, celebrate and enjoy our sexuality.


There is no hiding that women take longer to reach orgasm than men. But did you know that it takes women from 10-20 minutes to reach climax, compared to the 2-4 minutes that it takes for men?

Sex has been taught to be goal oriented. It is widely accepted that the woman’s goal is to get the man to ejaculate. They rush through the entire experience without honoring their bodies. And often use stimulants - like alcohol and drugs - to feel safe enough to even engage in the act. No wonder there are so many women who have never experienced the magic of an orgasm.


“The greatest pleasure isn’t sex, but the passion with which it is practiced. When the passion is intense, then sex joins in to complete the dance, but it is never the principal aim.”

- Paolo Coelho


sacred sexuality

A great sexual foundation is built on good communication. But, as a society, we have never been taught how to properly communicate about sex. We bury our carnal desires and deny ourselves our right to heavenly pleasure.

Sex has also been objectified and lacks deep connection. The physical pleasure has become paramount over the profound state of emotional and spiritual connection that lies waiting to be realized.

Once you have discovered the wonders of connecting with your partner, your sacred union becomes the ultimate sexual experience, awakening parts of you that you never thought possible.

awakening your sexuality

We have developed a four-level program, good for singles or couples, that guides you through the process of sexual awakening. Each level builds upon the one before, therefore it is vital to fully comprehend and practice each level before moving on to the next. By the end of our program, your sexual experiences will be unlike anything you have ever known, leaving you and your partner excited about further exploration.

If you’re not ready to dive just yet, check out Our Workshops for group rates.


Duration: 3+ hours
Cost: $1,000

In this session:

  • Create a sacred space

  • Forming an emotional connection

  • Building healthy boundaries & intimacy

  • Establishing needs & desires

  • Self-love: how to connect with yourself

  • Self-pleasure techniques

  • How to connect with others

  • Learn sexual communication

  • Breathing techniques

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Duration: 3+ hours
Cost: $1,000

In this session:

  • Heal past traumas through intimacy

  • Identify & clear old thought patterns

  • Release fears & negative sexual ideas

  • Reframe sex as a way of connecting

  • The history of sex

  • Sex as meditation

  • Breathing techniques

  • Touch exercises

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Duration: 3+ hours
Cost: $1,000

In this session:

  • Sexual Meditation Techniques

  • Breath work

  • Yoni mapping & de-armoring

  • Exploring the P-spot

  • Yoni & lingam massage

  • Female ejaculation

  • Male non-ejaculation techniques

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Duration: 3+ hours
Cost: $1,000

In this session:

  • Slow things down

  • Resensitize your whole body

  • Release your addiction to time

  • Exploring fantasies

  • Discover the energy orgasm

  • Learn tantric positions

  • Increase intimacy & closeness

  • Explore intuitive/conscious touch (or tantric touch)

  • Tantric rituals

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